Residents of Ile-Bizard-Ste-Geneviève borough filed a class-action lawsuit on May 24 against the borough and the borough mayor, Normand Marinacci, in light of events that occurred during the 2019 flood crisis, alleging a lack of preparation that cost residents thousands of dollars and/or even their homes. in early May residents were instructed to stop building a dike on Joly street in Ile-Bizard, because according to authorities, it would’ve made matters worse.

Another street in Ile-Bizard where a dike was built was left with a pool of water for over a month, in which the city didn’t provide sufficient pumps to remove the water. In another event, the borough mayor allegedly refused sandbags offered by the military when the island was short of sandbags to begin with. A sworn statement by an Ile-Bizard resident says that even the military expressed their frustration with the mayor not giving permission to help this area.

Residents were left with the impression that the city gave up too soon, leaving many people behind. In some areas that were mainly evacuated there were left for the most part only the elderly, less fortunate, or disabled. In addition, residents of Ile-Mercier have been and still are living in hotel rooms, for over six weeks now, because the bridge remains closed from the damaged caused by the flood.

The mayor, however, has said he was “surprised” by the class action and that he thought the borough did an “excellent job” protecting its citizens from the floods.

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