Beloved Ecomuseum black bear Juno passes

Last week, The Ecomuseum located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue announced some sad news on the passing of beloved black bear Juno who was medically euthanized following an illness that could not be cured.

Juno had been with Ecomusuem since 2014 but started as an orphan when she was found in 2012 before being transferred to Manitoba’s Assiniboine Park and Zoo. She was brought to the zoo with health problems and seriously underweight so while she was healed by animal care workers, she was not able to be returned to the wild as she would not have been able to survive after spending so much time out of the woods.

Through a social media post, the Ecomusueum described the playful big girl as “a curious and energetic bear, Juno was always up to something! She loved bathing in the pond in her living space and interacting with her neighbours the grey wolves! She had a sweet tooth and was quite fond of berries, honey and sunflower seeds.”

Recently, workers of the Ecomuseum found her unable to move her front legs and despite great care, she eventually would succumb to her injuries in a painful way so the only humane choice was to put the big bear out of her misery.

Juno and other black bears were always a harbinger of spring as their wake up from hibernation often dictated the kind of season we would have depending on how early or late they woke up.

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