Beaconsfield removed from SPZ flood map

Like the city of Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue, the city of Beaconsfield is also satisfied with the latest changes to the SPZ (Special Planning Zone) map proposed by the provincial government recently.

Last week, Beaconsfield Mayor Georges Bourelle, along with several other West Island mayors, met with Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Andrée Laforest last week in Quebec City to discuss their concerns about the hastily created maps that placed many properties that had never been flooded into the new SPZ.

“The City had mobilized because, although the SPZ included only certain properties in Beaconsfield, the whole City could have been financially affected in the long run,” stated Bourelle in a statement.” This has allowed us to properly document the situation in Beaconsfield and to demonstrate that we should not be included in the SPZ.”

The city was not affected at all in the 2017 or 2019 flooding yet many properties were included in the first two original SPZ maps.

“We have been rigorously and successfully monitoring this situation for almost 40 years,” said the mayor.

“Construction or reconstruction is not allowed in the 0-20 year zone, as established by the Agglomeration’s land use plan and integrated in Beaconsfield’s zoning by-law,” Bourelle explained. “We believe that we have already proven by our actions, and we reaffirm, that we are committed to the quality of the environment, sustainable development and protection of Lake St-Louis.”

For Bourelle, the best news for his residents previously placed in the SPZ map is that they will “no longer be exposed to undue financial prejudice and stress due to the SPZ that was applied in an arbitrary manner but has now been modified to our satisfaction.”

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