Beaconsfield moves forward on public space renovations

“City Council has carefully considered the recommendations of the Committee’s report and agrees to proceed with this first step of the project,” said Georges Bourelle.

The mayor of Beaconsfield was referencing the latest report concerning the city’s future development of the green spaces and structures at Centennial Park and the Lord Reading Yacht Club.

The city had created a committee for the SPACE project made up of councillors and residents and sought the public’s help in determining the future prospect for both those properties and the committee has recommended retaining an expert advisor who, according to a release from Beaconsfield, “will assist the City in launching a multidisciplinary architectural competition for the construction of a future multipurpose center. For this innovative project, the City is working with the Ville de Montréal Bureau du design, which has extensive expertise to oversee this process.”

Bourelle noted that “Architecture shapes our public spaces, our neighbourhoods and has a lasting effect on the territory, which is why it is important for Council to have the pulse of our residents. We hope that this consultation approach, which we have applied since the beginning of the Reimagining SPACE project, will allow us to share information in order to envision a modern and adapted centre as a magnificent cultural and community place for our citizens.

“The process leading to an architectural competition involves several phases, and we must evaluate, along the way, the feasibility and relevance to pursue this venture. The support of a professional is essential for this unique project which is an exceptional experience for our municipality.”

The city is also interested in hearing from residents on Wednesday, October 2nd to learn about their experiences with the city’s library and culture services.

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