A new and unique education project to be established in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges sector was announced last week by Melanie Deveault, executive director of Live and Grow (Vivre et Grandir).

The centre will be the first educational establishment housing the Live and Grow learning concept. The calm and natural environment in the town of St. Zotique was purposely chosen as a starting point for the school to establish its roots.

The construction costs, estimated at $12 million, will be used to build a four-storey building housing several teaching rooms, several gymnasiums, and even a bath and spa area that will be used to contribute to the sensory development of young people with neurodevelopmental disorders. A thrift store will also be available to students to help them understand how purchases and sales work.

Services offered under one roof will range from pre-school to post secondary education. Specialized educators in multiple fields of study will be employed to teach at the school. Forty-five professional trade courses will be offered to students.

“We offer coaching that is personalized for each of these young people. We talk about the development of autonomy and the evolution towards self-fulfillment. We value the individual, we value their efforts to achieve success. We are offering an individual and family-centered approach. We equip young people according to their interests. We want them to have a personal experience. All of this will allow each individual to surpass themselves by choice when they face a situation that scares them or that makes them experience certain emotions that they do not understand.” Deveault said about the project.

Yvon Chiasson, the Mayor of St. Zotique, is welcoming the project with open arms. “It is not only a great project for our city,” he said, “but it is above all part of our values in St. Zotique. The municipality looks forward to the project and we are prepared to offer our support”.

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