CSDM expects NDG’s Ste. Catherine de Sienne to be ready for September’s school year

Workers already finishing up work on CSDM’s new and improved Ste. Catherine de Sienne

During last week’s information session, CSDM (Commission Scolaire de Montréal) executives told scores of concerned west-end parents that the borough’s new Ste. Catherine de Sienne primary school will, in fact, be ready for their children in time for next September’s new school year.

“It was a big project, and we had a couple of big problems,” said CSDM engineer Catherine Peyronnard. “But we’ve already made up for a lot of lost time, and unless we have some really bad luck, the school will be ready in time for next September.”

During her address, the audience listened carefully as Peyronnard described her initial ‘problem’ as a million-dollar mistake when a surveyor’s significant error cost the entire project over two weeks to repair, cut, and adapt previous foundation work to the project’s new and revised specifications.

“That’s why we build schools,” said Peyronnard with a tight smile. “We’re supposed to teach children how to properly do their math, and not to make mistakes.”

Further trouble occurred when a worker repeatedly pierced and destroyed a sealed roofing membrane over the school’s new gymnasium. Within days, water was pouring through the roof. Critical timelines were once again put on hold while crews were forced to put up with further delays in order to repair the damage and replace what was supposed to be the school’s new roof. While CSDM officials regret the concern caused by the delays, they’re also proud of what was done to finish the new $23 million dollar project “...on time and on budget.” Aside from all the overtime that was paid out, Peyronnard told The Suburban that there were times when over 150 workers put in the time to meet their objectives. While she’s already signed off on several significant (plumbing, electricity) parts of the project, the devil’s in the details such as hardware installation (door hinges, panels, and lighting fixtures) after which drywall installation, paint, and yard work will take up most of the summer.

While CSDM School Commissioner Marie-Jose Mastromonaco admits that the CSDM has a suitable contingency plan in case the school isn’t ready, both she and Peyronnard said that “...we’re confident the school will be ready in time for next September.”

“There’s a lot of work to do, and we’re doing it,” she said. “I’m confident the school will be ready for next September.”

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