Truck hits and kills 84 year-old NDG resident

NDG woman was the 15th person killed by oncoming traffic this year

As of last Tuesday afternoon, the city’s pedestrian accident column claimed another victim when a local senior was hit and killed by a massive dump truck while crossing NDG’s Terrebonne Avenue at the busy Girouard intersection. According to SPVM communications agent Manuel Couture, the 84-year-old woman waited for the green light before crossing the intersection just as the driver decided to make his turn onto the east-bound Terrebonne Avenue. Within a fraction of a second, that decision transformed the woman’s life into yet another one of the city’s dismal traffic statistics. While it’s still considered to be an “ongoing investigation,” both the police and assorted witnesses said that it was obvious that the victim was killed upon impact, and that nothing could have been done to save her.

“We’re still waiting for a few tests,” said Couture, “but we do know that they both had the light, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what actually happened when the poor woman was killed.”

After the police covered her body with a blanket, the distraught driver was taken to hospital to be treated for shock while police closed off the intersection to begin their investigation. As the woman lived with her family in a nearby apartment building, witnesses told the media that it did not take long before the victim’s family came out on the street to see what had happened to their grand-mother. While SPVM policy prevents the police from releasing the victim’s name, police authorities admit that the NDG senior was the 15th person killed in a pedestrian accident this year. Although one of the dead was an eight- year-old boy, the numbers indicate that 10 of this year’s victims (so far) were senior citizens who happened to be walking or crossing the street when they were hit and killed by city traffic.

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