Roland Dick

Conservative candidate Roland Dick (Laval les Îles) addressed a crowd of more than 1,000 before Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s arrival at Laval Senior Academy, Oct. 17.

An alleged threat against a Conservative candidate left campaign workers fearful in the final days of the federal election campaign.

Cristelle Sary, legal counsel for Roland Dick, told The Suburban that the candidate began to receive phone calls early last week from parishioners of the Masjid al Jasr mosque on Cartier boulevard, warning him that a fatwa had been declared against him.

“They told him that he ought to be careful,” she said in an interview, “We heard this from many people.”

Since then, individuals lurked in the cars parked in the lot in front of the Laval les Îles campaign office, Sary added, including a large black Jeep Cherokee and, on a number of occasions, have tailed Dick’s car and those of other volunteers, when they departed.

“We feel that they’re monitoring us,” she said. “It’s scary.”

Sary added that campaign workers have witnessed spontaneous hostility ramp up since Wednesday.

“Every workday, four of us go out at morning and evening rush hour to hold up a big banner,” she said. “One man opened the door of his van and started screaming at us.”

According to Dick’s campaign manager Ailsa Pehi, police monitor the Masjid al Jisr mosque on a regular basis.

“We have opened a case file,” confirmed Laval Police Lt. Frédéric Jean. “There could have been a fatwa, but we don’t have confirmation at this point. The file remains open.”

Sary added that since Laval Police began their investigation, the lurkers became more cautious.

“They showed up again, but hid behind the daycare centre,” she said.

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Suburban gaved him 30 % before élection hé pay good.fatwa against him lol sick people hé will never be important again Roland


Highly unlikely another made up story to cause hate and racism in a country that once believed in freedom


Believe what you will, but as a volunteer, I can confirm that the threat was very real and many of the volunteers were worried that an unfortunate event may occur. Thankfully nothing happened.

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