NDG’s CJE to lead multinational digital discussion group

NDG’S Katia Fatkulova in charge of Montreal edition of Montreal’s digital future conference

According to NDG’s Katia Fatkulova, young people don’t have far to go before they begin to join the digital world because “...it’s here, it’s real and we’re all going to have to get used to it.” As the team leader in the local CJE (Carrefour Jeunesse Emploie) with a singular resume as an employment counsellor, Fatkulova is in charge of the initial October conference (October the 1st) that will create a ‘real time’ trans-Atlantic digital dialogue focussed upon young people who wish to have their voice heard on key digital policy initiatives.

“Fact is that for better or worse, we live in a digital world,” said Fatkulova. “Whether we like it or not, young people (intuitively) understand the complexity, the challenge, and the possibilities of what we now define as our digital world, and we have to work with that.”

Produced by the local Goethe Institute, Think Young, and NDG’s own CJE, Fatkulova told The Suburban that the project was being paid for by the EU (European Union). As the new

‘Digital Dialogue’ program is meant to become an innovative approach that’s designed to include hundreds of young people on both sides of the ocean, participants will be expected to collect, organize and interpret their observations into a coherent report meant to help develop policy objectives for both Canadian and European policy makers.

“It’s a real opportunity for lots of young people who have something to say about their lives,” she said. “People will have the opportunity to express both their views and opinions about what’s going to be their common – and inclusive – digital future.”

Thanks to a new on-line digital platform, every participant can find both a place and an opportunity to express their opinions on both sides of the Atlantic. During an extensive interview in their new Sherbrooke Street office , Fatkulova told The Suburban that the new platform will also provide access for crowds of young people who don’t have immediate access to the kinds of digital tools that some people – read ‘white middle-class privilege’ – often take for granted.

“We’re working with community groups across the borough in order to make sure everyone gets their chance to become a part of this new project,” she said. “Everyone has a right to be heard, and everybody has the right to make a difference.”

For more information about next week’s conference, call the CJE at 514 482 6665 or contact them at info@cje-ndg.com

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