Montreal MNA launches campaign to lead Québec’s Liberal Party

Formed provincial minister Dominique Anglade wants to lead Québec’s Liberals against Montreal MNA launches campaign to lead Québec’s Liberal Partyagainst Québec Premier François Legault’s CAQ

Following a recent press conference where she announced that she would, in fact, be a candidate for the leadership of Québec’s Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade met with friends, colleagues and supporters during the first stop of a ‘listening’ tour that’s going to take up most, if not all of the National Assembly’s summer recess.

“Let’s face it,” she said. “We didn’t listen to what people had to say, and that’s why we lost the election.”

Over the next few months, Anglade said that she intends to meet Liberal friends and colleagues throughout the province because she wants to know to know what’s on their minds, and what they think about the future of Québec and its people.

“Being a Liberal in Québec is all about sharing a vision about Québec,” said Anglade. “After all, that’s who Liberals are, and that’s who we’ve always been... A party with ideas, and a vision for Québec.”

While it was a friendly audience, it was also very much Anglade’s kind of audience. Young, urban and educated, it was also a reflection of the province’s Bill 101 generation insofar as it was multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic with lots of big ideas for both Montreal and the province. As it was a hot afternoon, Anglade came up with a short, but detailed speech that painted the broad stokes of what promises to be an interesting campaign. Following a quick opener about the ‘lack of vision’ that led to the party’s singular defeat following the last election, Anglade went on to denounce both the CAQ, and Premier Legault’s Bill 21 as an offence against the Charter as well as an offense “...against minority rights throughout Québec.” As a former senior economic minister in the Couillard administration, Anglade also had a lot to say about a new and comprehensive approach to building an economy that must consider the environment as much as it must consider the global consequences of impending climate change.

“We’re the party that provides Québec with the projects (such as ‘The Quiet Revolution’) that bring us together, and these are the projects that I want us to work on,” she said. “The truth is that Liberals must reconnect with the essential DNA that defines Québec’s Liberals.”

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