Milan Kona-Mancini, Lac-Saint-Louis Green Party

Milan Kona-Mancini, Lac-Saint-Louis Green Party

Milan is passionate about citizen science and engaging the public in conservation issues.

His plan if elected is to develop a green economy which would create new jobs and new sectors, as well as, deliver Quebec hydroelectricity to market in other provinces by unifying the electrical grid.

“I believe that the economy is a necessary component of sustainability and it should function as a tool to achieve our goals and to keep our values as Canadians,” states Mr. Kona-Mancini. “Prevention, as opposed to treating symptoms, is key to saving money in the long term, not just with the environment, but also in the health and social sectors.”

Raised in Beaconsfield, Mr. Kona-Mancini is a board member of the Green Coalition, an environmental NGO that focuses on improving public health standards, preserving green space in Montreal and promoting sustainable development and ethical business. He volunteers with the Canadian Wildlife Federation through which he engages youth in environmental issues. He also completed several environmental education work contracts that led him across the landscape of North America.

“My decision to run in politics was a clear one. I know that we must all stand up and take responsibility for our future. I believe that freedom, equality, a sustainable environment, and a chance to learn, create, and grow are the fundamental desires we all share and have a right to,” states Mr. Kona-Mancini.

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