Where urban beat and digital culture meet

Sarahmée takes the stage at Soirée sans lendemain on September 19

The LVL UP, digital lab and urban music festival is taking it all to a new level this fall in Montmorency.

The event plunges deep into this rich and evolving culture, bringing it to life for as many visitors as possible while flushing out and shaping the talents of tomorrow. This first-year “laboratory” event will feature hip-hop star performances, honouring visual and digital arts with encounters between the two, and workshops in local high schools.

From September 19 to 22, this premier event presented by [co] motion in collaboration with evenko and HUB Studio, will highlight the depths that the digital world has reached in in our visual and musical experience, from the beats of the hottest young rappers and DJs to the most exciting lighting and sound displays and more.

LVL UP will feature an eclectic host of hot established and emerging artists including Sarahmée, who released her new single last month T’as pas cru, a dancing hymn with moombathom sounds and inspired by Colombian cubia. Confident and mature, she is one of the few female urban artists recognized in this predominantly male scene, finding the right balance between rap, pop, and Afro influences and her own sound. Sarahmée is also recognized as one of the Quebec women featured in Sephora’s latest cosmetics advertising campaign.

LVL UP is an opportunity for the general public as well as hardcore fans, as it is not always easy to rub shoulders with urban culture — hip-hop, but even less digital art, especially outside of Montreal. LVL UP is a fresh addition to the arts calendar outside the festival season.

For information visit https://lvluplab.com

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