Parc Lausanne strikes LEED Gold

Laval has its first LEED Gold community centre.

Parc Lausanne’s community centre inaugurated in 2018 has just received its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification by the Canada Green Building Council.

It joins a number of other city buildings awaiting or already receiving certification. The city’s fire station 2 in Chomedey and inaugurated in 2016 has already been certified LEED Silver, and three new buildings are awaiting LEED Gold certification, that is, the new building housing the Centre d’exploration du Parc de la Rivière-des Mille-Îles; the new Sainte-Dorothée Community Centre, and the new fire station in Saint-François.

The main requirements for LEED certification include ecological site management, efficient water management, energy efficiency, material selection, resources and the quality of indoor environments. Choosing to build a building that meets these requirements is costlier than traditional construction but reduces its energy consumption and thus costs associated with its operation. Concepts include strategic positioning of windows to promote natural lighting or ensure efficient water management, white roofs, air exchange systems, paint choices and more.

Parc Lausanne boasts several large sports fields and the arrival of the 1393-sq.-metre community centre has vastly increased the offer to neighbourhood residents. Multipurpose rooms, changing rooms, sanitary services, a snack area and a community kitchen have been set up according to best construction practices. An adjacent parking lot with three charging stations for electric vehicles allows park users to free up surrounding streets.

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