Make an arrangement

Glove compartment overflowing with unpaid tickets? Maybe you let your hedges grow wild too many times? Watered the lawn on the wrong days?

Well if those fines are outpacing your ability to cut back on your wayward practices, did you know the city will enter into a more suitable payment arrangement with you?

If your financial situation does not allow you to pay the full amount of your fine and expenses within the prescribed time, you can make an agreement with the Collector. After analyzing your financial situation, you will be offered an additional payment period; a multi-payment agreement; or if you meet the eligibility criteria, a commitment to perform compensatory work.

For an agreement of less than six months, you can apply online by completing the (French only) application and returning it to or by mail to

Cour municipale de Ville de Laval

Percepteur des amendes

55, boulevard des Laurentides

Laval (Québec) H7G 2T1

If your request is accepted, the Collector will send you the official agreement which takes effect immediately. If your request is refused, the Collector will inform you of the reasons for the refusal.

For an agreement of six months or more, you must go to the municipal court and meet the Collector and discuss payment terms in person. If you can not go to the court because of a serious reason, you can complete a power of attorney allowing a person you have designated to appear and enter into an agreement on your behalf that will incur your liability as if you had signed it yourself.

If you currently reside far from Laval, you can apply for a payment agreement

by phone: 450 662-4466; fax: 450 662-8501, or email

For more information visit:

Download the application at

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