The City of Laval held a consultation recently to modify flood zones.

Two of the bylaws presented, enable construction for municipal purposes on six properties next to the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles despite flood zone regulations.

One bylaw creates permanent exceptions for the Ste-Rose and Auteuil properties under city of Laval regulations. The other revises Laval’s urban plan to ensure the exceptions are equally recognized by regional authorities.

One of the projects relates to the drainage of la Terrasse Viau. The bylaw creates a permanent exception to the rules for three lots between Boulevard Ste-Rose, Blondin, Des Patriotes and Terrace Belanger, next to the Berge des Baigneurs. Lot 3807050 is Terrace Viau itself. The other two cover part of a greenspace between Terrace Viau and Blondin (3105392) and the lane-shaped lot 3140601 next to it.

The second project specifies a multi-functional trail between Rue Saint Paul and an enormous green space along Point-Aux-Ormes between the train tracks and the river. Lot 1269478 covers most of the green space, while lot 1269712 is a rectangular lot south of the houses linking the green space to Rue Saint Paul.

Both projects were recommended to Laval’s executive committee by its urban advisory committee (CCU) earlier this year. If the two bylaws pass, the updated flood zone maps identifying Laval properties at risk within the next 20 years and within the next 100 years will be changed to include the modifications.

Until those are completed and released, private owners of property near the river can’t be sure which regulations affect them unless they pay for professional surveying and estimates.

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