Laval executive committee funds tree planting, youth activities

Tree planters with Laval's PlantAction. Fabreville will be getting 250 news trees in the coming months.

The Laval executive committee was busy at its April meeting doling out funds to seven deserving organizations who work with young people and teens. In total, the committee gave $19,398 to cover costs from autumn 2015 sessions, as part of the municipal financial assistance program which provides a twice-yearly subsidy of six dollars per participant under 17 years of age.

The recipients are the Service des loisirs Duvernay St. Vincent, Service des loisirs Laval-Ouest, Loisibourg, Service des loisirs Ste. Dorothée, Association des résidents de Champfleury, Service des loisirs de St. Bruno de Laval, and Loisirs St. Elzéar.

At the same meeting, the executive committee gave green collective PlantAction $12,500 for the purchase of 250 trees and $3,800 for planting supplies, for a total sum of $16,300. The four-year-old organization was set up to educate the population about the importance of planting trees in urban and suburban areas, where they improve the landscape and fight urban heat islands.

One hundred and twenty-five trees will be planted in spring 2016, followed by another 125 in the fall; all trees will be planted in Fabreville.

“Tree planting is one of the activities we prioritize and encourage, and it fits perfectly into the strategic vision of Laval,” said the mayor of Laval, Marc Demers. “It’s a natural thing for us to support PlantAction and their mission to make Laval a green place for the citizens.”

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