Vue de l’atelier de Louise Robert

A new free exhibit at Maison des arts looks back at an era where drawings offered new insights into the world of artists and how we look at the world, or even the blank sheet of paper.

Mille-Feuilles-Quand le dessin a lieu opens Sunday, November 24, at Salle Alfred-Pellan and runs until February 9, and it may take several visits to reveal all aspects of the works, which will sometimes benefit from oblique lighting given by artists, amateurs and mediators.

The collection will perhaps force us to return to the practice of drawing and issue of notebooks long abandoned by most at the end of primary or secondary school. It brings you back in time, to find the impulse given by albums of images, illustrated books, by master artists who offer the taste of simple instruments and white sheets. Whatever can be traced there.

Discover some works as a tribute, followed by post-1976 drawings, the year of a landmark exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art of 111 drawings from Quebec. Works by artists for whom drawing is not a minor art and demonstrating that as Paul-Émile Borduas said, there is not a single way to taste a work of art, but a thousand.

Commissioned by Lise Lamarche, this collective exhibition includes works by Simon Bilodeau, Raphaëlle de Groot, Trevor Gould, André Jasmin, François Morelli, Louise Robert and more. A paid Alfred parent-child workshop takes place January 18 at 1:30 p.m.

For Information call 450 662-4440 or email maisondesarts@laval.ca

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