Heritage efforts

Constructed in 1820 the André-Benjamin-Papineau farmhouse complex is located on Saint Martin adjacent to Highway 13. Its heritage interest lies in its architectural value, typical of the rural home of the first half of the 19th century, and illustrated by its stone masonry, one-and-a-half storey elevation and symmetrical composition of the facade.

Laval is highlighting the initiatives it has taken in 2019 to protect and enhance its architectural heritage.

At its last meeting of the year, the city council passed a resolution to acquire the heritage building Maison Saint-Joseph at 3550 Lévesque west that will be preserved and developed for public use.

During the year, Laval completed a study of its territory and a pre-inventory of modern, institutional and religious heritage sites and properties. It also adopted a series of bylaws to regulate demolition of buildings of heritage interest by establishing a demolition committee; recognizing some 100 new heritage buildings located outside heritage territories and requiring them to seek approval for and building or renovation plans, and increasing financial assistance for renovation and restoration of heritage buildings.

The city’s three-year $1.13 billion Capital Works Program also includes projects in the heritage file, such as restoration work at the 200-year-old André-Benjamin-Papineau farmhouse to ensure the sustainability of the heritage property classified by Quebec’s Ministry of Culture and Communications in 1974. There will also be major renovations at Maison Desjardins, constructed in 1740.

This is all to buttress efforts of the last few years, which include an inter-service committee of the city’s heritage experts; inventories of road side crucifixes and icons along with their restoration and upgrading their interpretation panels; a study on the history and heritage of the Saint-François de Sales; the histoire.laval.ca website and the Parcourir Laval mobile app.

The Quebec government’s recent announcement of a financial assistance program for municipalities to protect and renovate heritage buildings will further allow the city to consolidate its efforts, according to a city announcement.

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