Go ahead, park.

Technically not a fire hydrant so no restrictions apply.

You’ve probably seen them and wondered about it many times; those blue hydrants, ubiquitous in Montreal, less so but still present in Laval.

Well the most thought you’ve ever given them is probably whether or not you can park in front of them, and you were probably right, until now.

The city has authorized parking in front of these blue hydrants which are part of the STM metro security system, following changes in regulations adopted by Laval in December.

Each of these terminals is connected to metro fire safety equipment and allow the necessary water to be transported to various interventions of Laval’s fire department in the underground network. Simply put, firefighters connect the blue hydrants to red ones to increase the volume of water available to fight fires in the system.

These dry feeding stations are not fire hydrants within the meaning of the Highway Safety Code or related bylaws, so vehicles parked in front of or within five metres of these hydrants will no longer be considered to be illegally parked. As a result, no infraction notices will be given.

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