Laval city council passed two by-laws last week that will improve the supply of electric charging stations in the city. Chief among them are requirements to provide electrical installations to accommodate charging stations in new multi-unit buildings. All new residential construction featuring five to 49 units, must have electrical installations to accommodate Level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles to serve at least one quarter of the parking spaces required. For buildings with 50 or more units, electrical installations to accommodate Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations must serve at least 20 percent of the required parking spaces, along with two functional charging stations.

The city also awarded a large contract for waste disposal services. The five-year $54,929,754.65 contract with Complexe Enviro Connexions Ltd. whose landfill is in Terrebonne, begins next January and runs until December 2026. “Given the size of the market that Laval represents, the rates obtained under this contract are competitive,” reads a city statement: “Ranging from $34.92 per tonne in 2021 to $39.24 in 2026.” The city says prices in the Greater Montreal area obtained by most municipalities range from $35 to $66 per tonne. The administration says that it is because of programs such as organic collection in buildings with seven dwellings or less, that the amount of household waste destined for landfill has dropped from 333kg to 268 kg per capita in four years.

55 kg less per person

The city hopes that reduction of 55 kg per person is only the beginning, as quantities of household waste to be eliminated over the next five years have been estimated considering new and improved programs to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Laval will soon unveil its waste management strategy which will include new regulations along with measures to achieve that goal, said Sainte-Rose councillor Virginie Dufour. Measures already in place or in planning include implementation of organic collection for buildings with eight or more units this year, opening of an eco-centre next year and the Mets du respect dans ton bac campaign to increase awareness of proper recycling practices.

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