Comprising the eastern third of Île Jésus, Alfred-Pellan is the largest federal riding in the Montreal or Laval area. With a population of more than 101,000, the riding was won by Liberal Angelo Iacono in 2015 with 44 percent of eligible voters, taking the district from the NDP, that won Alfred-Pellan in 2015 after three terms of Bloc Québécois rule.

Angelo Iacono — Liberal

A lawyer by trade, Iacono has studied in Montreal and France, and has been actively involved in politics since his teens. Iacono says he intends to continue his efforts to provide new opportunities for businesses to expand their markets, create jobs and generate wealth in Alfred-Pellan, and “diversification and increasing federal grants will be one of my top priorities in order to help support organizations and services for constituents.”

Locally, Iacono says a Liberal government will continue to build infrastructure to reduce commuting times, strengthen road safety and extend green public transport networks. “Since 2015, the liberal government approved investments in Laval total over $430 million.

Angelo Esposito – Conservative

Conservative candidate Angelo Esposito is a former professional hockey player who scored the winning goal of the gold medal game at the 2009 World Junior Championships and was a first-round NHL draft pick. The athlete turned real estate entrepreneur continues his involvement with young hockey players as a player development specialist and wants to bring his keen understanding of the difficulties Canadian families face in making ends meet to public service. “I have always believed that a prosperous country is a country that creates wealth and effectively manages public finances” he says, adding that issues related to seniors and youth are his priority.

“To help seniors, a Conservative government will increase the annual Age Credit by $1,000.” The credit targets low-income and the boost means senior couples can earn up to an additional $300 per year, “and that’s in addition to a Universal Tax Cut for all Canadians.” The Tories have also committed to increasing Federal health and social services transfers by at least three percent. “As for our youth, whether it is sports, visual arts, dance or music, any passion that motivates them to go forward and thrive is worth supporting, and worth helping Canadian parents, here in Alfred- Pellan, make it a reality. Our Fitness, and Arts and Learning Tax Credits will do exactly that.”

Marguerite Howells – Green Party

Marguerite Howells has resided in Laval for almost four decades and has been passionate about the environment since her youth, identifying David Suzuki as a “definite influence on her life.” Howells founded the Green Party riding association in Alfred-Pellan and has been Involved in politics as a volunteer with several campaigns at all levels. Howells studied computer science and worked in the pipe organ industry for 20 years and has held administrative positions in Laval and Montreal and is involved in her church parish.

A Green government will pass a Climate Change Act requiring 60-percent-cuts in climate-changing emissions below 2005 levels by 2030, and establish a cross-party inner cabinet to deal with climate change “to limit the destructive impact of partisan politics which has thwarted strong climate action for two decades.” Greens would also set legal emissions limits for industries that decline over time, with penalties for exceeding those limits, and maintain a broad-based, revenue-neutral carbon fee on all sources of carbon dioxide pollution that would be returned to Canadians as dividends.

Michel Lachance – Bloc Québécois

A long-time pro-independence activist, Lachance has been involved in his community by collaborating on activities of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and actively participating in the international solidarity organization Development and Peace. A resident of Alfred-Pellan riding since 1992, Lachance worked as a college teacher for 35 years in Laval. Lachance says an important local component of the Bloc’s environmental plan is the protection of greenspaces. “I am committed to supporting the acquisition of the three islands located on the Milles-Iles river in partnership with the city of Laval, and the governments of Quebec and Canada, to create a park to protect our environment.”

Andriana Kocini – New Democratic Party

Greek-born Andriana Kocini arrived in Quebec in 2007. The multilingual (English, French, Greek and Albanian) legal affairs director for a Quebec franchising company, Kocini remains attached to the community that welcomed her as a refugee, and has heard concerns of residents through years of discussions with cultural communities and volunteering at Sacré-Cœur Hospital and Moisson Montréal.

The NDP promises a national pharmacare plan beginning in 2020 with annual federal investment of $10 billion, granting access to necessary medicines free at the point of care, financed by a public insurance system with an end to costly co-payments, deductibles and premiums. “Our plan will guarantee that every Canadian can get the medication they need” says a party statement, adding it also means big savings for employers who currently pay for employee benefits. “It will also cost our system less overall as a result of pooling the purchasing power of the entire country.”

Matthieu Couture

Peoples Party of Canada

At age 15, Laval native Couture founded and then operated an IT services company, then specialized at École Polytechnique in cyber fraud and cyber investigation, before finally reorienting his career to become an osteopath, practicing in his Laval clinic. “Each of my professional activities and social implications has always been motivated by the need to serve people” says Couture. “I am very involved socially whether it is volunteering in various organizations and treasurer for an NPO, or in the past, tutoring in schools.”

Among other things, Couture and the PPC are committed to promoting the values of “fairness, freedom, respect and responsibility; transferring the entire GST revenues to Quebec and the provinces to fund the health care system; respecting provincial jurisdictions to promote Canadian unity; and promoting economic immigration and ensuring integration into Canadian society.

Julius Buté — Parti Pour l’Indépendance du Québec

Buté is one of 13 candidates running in the federal election for the new Parti pour l’Indépendance du Québec. The party was formed as a response to the decline of the Bloc Québécois, and seeks to leverage all levels of government and uniting all organizations and parliamentary bodies, and in Quebec, this new party will harmonize different policies, programs and platforms to promote independence before, during and after federal, provincial and municipal elections.

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