The city has updated its whistleblower policy.

The 2015 policy required revision in accordance with Quebec’s Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies and based on current best reporting practices.

The new version specifies measures to protect whistleblowers from reprisals and those that preserve the confidentiality of their identity, and are intended to promote transparency, objectivity and independence in the handling of reports received by Laval’s Integrity and Ethics Office (BIEL), which reports to Laval Police. The city’s employees, elected officials and senior executives are subject to this policy.

Reports of wrongdoing allow the city to correct problematic situations and improve its means of

prevention and control, in order to preserve the integrity of its activities. Ultimately, the policy aims to maintain public confidence in the through improved processes, rules and working methods.

Key changes include measures to process and track reports, on reporting procedures, to protect the privacy of whistleblowers, and adding prohibited practices (such as dismissal) for reporting reprehensible actions.

Under the policy, these actions include illicit activity such as a city councillor taking a payoff or favour to help a business obtain rezoning for their property or permission to renovate some previously prohibited aspect of it; a director asking a supplier to break up invoices to keep them below the threshold requiring executive authorization; an employee using city equipment or materials for personal use; elected officials adopting fraudulent social media profiles to act in a manner which would embarrass the city; an elected official using his/her position (city contacts, citizen data) to facilitate raising money for a family member’s profit-making initiative.

Contact BIEL by phone: 450 575-BIEL (2435); email; or at 1200 boul. Chomedey, suite 975.

(UPAC (Unité permanente anticorruption) can be directly reached via the whistleblowing telephone line to expose any act of corruption, misappropriation of funds or inappropriate situation, real or apparent.)

Learn more about BIEL at

View the policy (in French only):

View the employee code of ethics (in French only):

View the elected officials code of ethics (in French only):

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