COOP Laval will replace 30 vehicles in its fossil-fuel fleet with hybrid and battery-powered electric cars—including eight Teslas.

The taxi company announced recently that it will also set up 25 strategically located charging stations around Île Jésus as part of its $1.6 million investment in the pilot project during the next few years, and that Transport Quebec will kick in an equal amount of money.

“It will give us a better grasp of real-world electric car operations and allow us to adjust accordingly,” COOP Laval ceo Georges Tannous said in a statement. “That’s particularly important where the range of vehicles which serving mobility-challenged clients can posse a limitation.”

The company also committed to replace its entire fleet with battery and hybrid-powered vehicles, though it did not specify the timeframe.

Laval’s executive committee also voted at its May 23 meeting to kick in $4,000 per vehicle to support the project. Deputy Mayor David De Cotis commended COOP Laval has leapfrogged Laval’s transit authority’s (STL) longstanding leadership in the shift to electric propulsion.

“COOP Laval has outshone STL and the city,” he acknowledged in an interview. “The City of Laval is very proud to be part of an announcement.”

“We will be providing a grant of $4,000 for the purchase of 28 electric taxis for a total of $112,000,” De Cotis told The Suburban.

Eager to encourage drivers to make the shift, Laval already voted earlier this year to give individual residents who purchase an electric car a $2,000 rebate.

“It will be an asset to Laval and probably encourage others to become more environment-friendly,” he anticipated. “When we witness the price of gasoline skyrocket, as we do these days, electric cars are no longer as farfetched as they were a few years ago.”

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