Volunteers honoured in St. Laurent

Local volunteers and borough employees join Mayor Alan DeSousa and councillors Francesco Miele, Jacques Cohen, Michèle Biron (seated) and Aref Salem at the Oct. 26 volunteers event.

Several hundred volunteers in St. Laurent were honoured Oct. 26 at the borough’s 61st annual Volunteer Recognition Event, held at the Centre des loisirs.

The borough recognized the “invaluable work of those who look after running sports and recreational activities so efficiently.”

“What makes our community so vibrant, so rich and so dynamic is first and foremost the women, men, families and organizations involved,” stated Mayor Alan DeSousa. “The years go by, but this annual tribute we pay them is more relevant than ever. By giving time and energy to their community, they have shaped the St. Laurent of yesterday. In so doing, they have also contributed toward making the St. Laurent of today.”

Tributes were also made to:

• The Saint-Laurent Spartans Amateur Football Association “celebrating its 65th anniversary.”

• The Saint-Laurent Baseball Club “named Association of the Year in the Lac Saint-Louis region for the fifth consecutive year.”

• The Saint-Laurent Minor Soccer Club “awarded Soccer club of the year in the Ligue de soccer élite du Québec by the Fédération de soccer du Québec.”

• Jean-Claude Lavoie and Rachelle Lavoie recognized “for their contribution to the development of the Club de pickleball de Saint-Laurent.”

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