St. Laurent relaunches back-to-school safety awareness campaign

Police are stepping up their activities at the start of the school year.

St. Laurent relaunched its road and pedestrian safety awareness campaign for the new school year, the borough announced last week.

The goal of the campaign, conducted with the Montreal SPVM police, and the Marguerite-Bourgeoys and English Montreal School Board, is to “encourage everyone to adopt safe habits — parents who drive their children to school, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

“St. Laurent’s administration set up this committee of partners two years ago to coordinate efforts around the start of the school year and to ensure children’s safety at all times,” stated Mayor Alan DeSousa. “Making it safe for children on their way to and from schools and parks is one of the objectives of St. Laurent’s local transportation plan and requires sustained action.”

The campaign includes increased police activity from Station 7. “A number of operations will be carried out, mainly geared toward education, prevention and enforcement of the road safety code,” says the borough announcement. “They will distribute bilingual pamphlets produced in collaboration with the borough. They will also conduct roadside checks throughout the school year and organize booths and workshops for students and parents. The schools will raise awareness among these groups, including through their websites and social networks.”

There will also be five new pedestrian crossings with monarch butterfly markings, at Tassé and Cardinal, Houde and Trudeau, Tassé and Guertin, Tassé and Champigny, Deguire and Muir.

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