St. Laurent provides update on waste materials management

Organic waste collections increased in St. Laurent

St. Laurent council revealed at the June council meeting its Waste Materials Management Plan 2018 report, detailing the borough's ongoing efforts to reduce waste materials sent to landfill sites.

According to the report, "the tonnage of organic waste collected continues to increase, from 3,808 tons in 2017 to 4,061 tons in 2018."

However, "the participation rate in this service, which was implemented in 2015 for residents at buildings comprising eight and fewer units, remains low at 26 percent."

“We are aware that this requires changes to our daily habits specifically with respect to food waste management,” stated Mayor Alan DeSousa. “This is why we launched an awareness campaign on the topic in collaboration with Vertcité in the spring. We are confident that the residents of St. Laurent will positively respond.”

As well,"organic waste is used to produce compost, which is offered to residents twice a year. In 2018, 120 tons of compost was distributed to the public.

Other facts from the report:

• The tonnage of recyclable materials increased slightly from 6,542 in 2017 to 6,842 in 2018, attributed to "better sorting by residents and a collective awareness of the benefits of recycling."

• "The tonnage of recoverable bulky items decreased from 1,971 in 2017 to 1,769 tons in 2018.

• "In 2018, waste tonnage totalled 21,631 compared to 21,029 in 2017, attributed to the "1.03 percent increase in the occupancy rate on the territory."

St. Laurent has also offered programs to reduce carbon footprints, including:

• Mon école écolo, in collaboration with Vertcité, "increases the awareness of elementary and secondary school students with respect to environmental issues. In 2018, the program focused on the collection of organic waste."

• A washable diaper subsidy, also in collaboration with Vertcité, involving a $150 subsidy "for the purchase or rental of washable baby diapers."

• An environmentally friendly lawnmower subsidy started in May 2018, involving a subsidy "representing 50 percent of the purchase price to a maximum of $75 with the purchase of an environmentally friendly lawnmower. Since the program was introduced, 70 subsidies have been awarded for a total of $5050.19."

DeSousa stated that resident involvement is essential in reducing the borough's carbon footprint.

"I invite each of you to pursue your efforts throughout 2019 to generate equally impressive results. The responsible management of waste materials remains a priority for the St. Laurent administration— however, it is primarily because of your participation we will succeed in further reducing the quantity of waste sent to landfill sites."

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