St. Laurent 2018 financial, general highlights presented

From left, celebrating St. Laurent’s 125th anniversary of incorporation, councillors Francesco Miele and Aref Salem, Mayor Alan DeSousa, and councillors Michèle Biron and Jacques Cohen.

St. Laurent council last week deposited and presented the financial and other highlights of 2018 in the borough.

“The year 2018 was marked by the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of St. Laurent’s incorporation, by the consolidation of our vision expressed in the sectorial plans adopted in 2017 and by the planning of major projects in progress, such as the biodiversity corridor,” stated Mayor Alan DeSousa.

Financially, says the report, “the total budget for fiscal 2018 was $5,270,700 for income and $70,320,800 for expenses. This corresponds to a budgetary envelope from the city totalling $52,259,100 in addition to tax room and local tax of $12,791,000.Our strict management and the exemplary planning of our expenses and income have generated a $3,121,700 operating surplus before central adjustments.”

Capitol works projects in 2018 amounted to $14.2 million in gross investments, and included, amongst many others:

• Development of the Nordet and Rambler squares in the Bois-Franc sector — $1.4 million.

• The final installment of costs for the Sports Complex construction project — $2.9 million.

• Repairing of the Ben-Leduc running track in Marcel-Laurin and of soccer field No. 12 — $1.7 million.

Other highlights of the year:

• Three awards for the new Sports Complex.

• Participation in the BIXI electric pilot project.

• “The opening of three universally accessible community gardens and a soccer field in Parc Philippe-Laheurte, the inauguration of the Decelles urban promenade and the fifth Anniversary celebration of the Bibliothèque du Boisé on Thimens.”

• “74,902 requests processed by the Citizens’ Office, 1,560 housing units approved by the Advisory Committee on Planning, 977 new trees planted on the territory, $1.04 billion in investments by companies in the industrial and tertiary-motor sectors and 138 businesses newly established in St. Laurent.”

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