St. Laurent calls for extension of REM route to Dorval Via/EXO station

The Dorval train station.

St. Laurent council officially asked the island-wide Montreal agglomeration and the Caisse de dépôt de placement du Québec Infra to modify the planned route of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) light rail transit project.

The modification, also requested by Dorval council, would involve a new REM stop near the Dorval Circle, to be accessed from a planned REM station at Trudeau Airport. The Dorval Circle station is currently also being used by Via Rail and EXO (commuter) trains.

In St. Laurent, there will be REM stops at the Technoparc, Bois-Franc, Ruisseau, Montpellier and on Autoroute 40.

“Extending the REM to Saint-Laurent will help develop the mobility of our residents and workers,” Mayor Alan DeSousa stated. “To be fully successful, this major innovation must be planned in such a way as to promote intermodality with all existing means of transportation.”

The mayor also pointed out that his borough has been asking for an extension of the Métro Orange line north from Côte Vertu to the Bois-Franc train station “to serve, along with the REM, those residents living west of Autoroute 15 as well as workers in the hub of business activity in the western part of our municipality.

“The residents in the southwest [part of Montreal] must not be forgotten— that would be the purpose of this new connection between the airport and the VIA Rail and Exo station in Dorval. It would also provide a major intermodal public transit hub around the international airport which, linked to regional train service, would cover all regions of Quebec. These developments would be perfectly in line with the sustainable mobility services that St. Laurent wants to offer as a sustainable municipal territory.”

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