St. Laurent again requests Métro extension to Bois Franc REM station

St. Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa

St. Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa, also Montreal Official Opposition spokesman for transportation matters, and his borough council called once again on the Quebec government to commit to extending the Métro Orange line to the planned light-rail transit Bois-Franc REM station.

“This isn’t the first time that such an extension has been requested,” DeSousa stated. “But, given the current context of the upcoming launch of the REM, employment growth in the West Island region, proposed real estate developments and the consequent growth in number of trips in this area, we must have a global vision of the mobility issues. In our opinion, the solution will be found in intermodal transit and the marriage of the Métro and the REM.”

The Mayor, a member of the Opposition Ensemble Montréal party, pointed out that current plans do not include such a connection, and that the REM station is an “ideal place for a junction with the Métro.

St. Laurent council members concurred.

“More than one-quarter — 27 percent — of jobs on the Island of Montreal are located in the western area, a region that’s relatively poorly served by public transit, compared to the city centre,” stated Councillor Francesco Miele. “As for the road network, between 500,000 and one million vehicles travel there daily. Connecting the orange line to the REM at the Bois-Franc station would therefore considerably reduce the number of cars on the road.”

More specifically, the borough council says that “once connected to the orange line, daily traffic at the Bois-Franc station would increase to 76,000 or 23 million travellers per year, causing a related reduction in road traffic of some 22 million vehicle-km.

“Finally, we want to point out that only 2.2 km separate the Côte-Vertu Metro station from the Bois-Franc railway station,” DeSousa pointed out. “Not only that, but 1.2 km of the tunnel has already been built, thanks to the construction of the Côte-Vertu Metro garage. This will greatly reduce the cost of the extension.”

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