St. Laurent adopts $72.4 million budget for 2020

St. Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa

St. Laurent council adopted a $72,424,600 budget at last week's borough meeting, increased from last year's total of $70,967,100.

Of that amount, transfers from the City of Montreal amount to $53,610,800.

"This budget is a continuation of our goal of providing residents with quality services and facilities for sustainable development, while minimizing the impact on their tax burden," Mayor Alan DeSousa stated. "The budget takes into account the upcoming arrival of five stations of the Réseau électrique métropolitain on our territory. Various resources will be deployed to coordinate our interventions with those of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to ensure a smooth travel flow by putting in place an urban development plan based on the needs of citizens. An amount of $364,500 has been set aside for this purpose in 2020."

Another aspect of the budget is a continuation of St. Laurent's $1.2 million three-year snow removal plan. A borough statement says the snow removal plan was improved in light of last year's harsh winter.

"Our departments have, once again, prepared a budget to preserve our achievements while giving us the means to continue to realize our vision for the development of St. Laurent," DeSousa said. "It had to take into account the new realities that we have to respond to regarding climate change. That's why we've upgraded our three-year snow removal plan."

Also in the budget, local tax revenue amounts to $13,574,200, and local billing revenue is $4,856,800. Expenses include $11,119,800 for general administration and $30,015,900 for recreation and culture, amongst others.

St. Laurent council also adopted the Three-Year Capital Investment Program (CIP) for 2020, 2021 and 2022, amounting to $28.8 million.

"This amount corresponds to loans payable by borough taxpayers in the sum of $9.6 million per year for the three years in question," says a borough statement. "Other sources of funding in addition to the budgets for certain projects bring the total amount invested in the 2020-2022 CIP to $55.7 million."

"The Three-Year Capital Investment Program helps us plan for the long term and think about investments that will maximize our residents' access to quality public facilities," DeSousa said "We believe we have struck an excellent balance, once again this year, between the need to preserve our existing infrastructures and the need to develop new public spaces."

The 2020 CIP includes, amongst other highlights, $920,000 for parks, $670,000 for projects in areas under development and $5.4 million (the borough's share) for investments in municipal buildings. An added $13 million will come from other sources, including the City of Montreal. Of the total, $14.8 million is being used for the renovation of the Raymond-Bourque arena, which began in 2019.

Also, the rehabilitation of local roads and sidewalks will cost $1.6 million this year.

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