SIN phone scam ongoing

Police across Canada have been warning the public about what has been ongoing Social Insurance Number-related phone scams.

I have personally received many of these calls in the last month from the phone number 1-800-622-6232. As soon as I hear the recorded message from a British-accented woman, I hang up, as police recommend.

“Recently there has been an increase in calls purporting the unauthorized use of your Social Insurance Number,” says a recent release from the Hamilton, Ontario Police Service. “In many instances, a recorded call will come to your phone directing you to call back immediately, or press “1” to avoid prosecution. Don’t call back — don’t press ‘1.’

“No official administrative centre will ever contact you through a text, use high-pressure tactics, be disrespectful, or require you to pay any money through gift cards or using Bitcoins," the police advisory also adds. “Everyone believes they would never fall for such scams but please make sure you talk about it with your friends, family, and neighbours. Some people are more susceptible to deceptive tactics and require more help to ensure they are aware of these fraudsters....When in doubt – just hang up.”

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