Royalmount developers holding local consults

One of two Royalmount consultations held by Carbonleo in Town of Mount Royal last week.

Carbonleo, the developers of the Royalmount mega-shopping, residential and entertainment complex, has been consulting local residents on how to make the project, when completed, “an inspiring place to live and a source of pride for the whole community.”

The developers are saying that a goal of the project is to “revitalize a heat island by building an eco-innovative environment in the image of Montrealers.” Other topics discussed included issues of mobility, and public and active transport; other environmental issues such as rainwater recovery, green roofs, and green spaces; and what type of stores and services would “enrich local life.”

Carbonleo held two consultations last week, Oct. 2 at the Curling Club in Town of Mount Royal, and Oct. 3 at the De la Savane Métro station.

“These public events were an opportunity for Carbonleo to listen and to discuss ideas with Town of Mount Royal residents and De La Savane Métro station users, as well as many Montrealers who came to learn more about the project,” said Claude Marcotte, executive vice-president and partner from Carbonleo. “We are very pleased with the response we’ve had so far, which adds to the ongoing discussions on the Royalmount Let’s Chat Facebook page. We are confident that this constructive dialogue will allow us to continuously improve Royalmount and make it something that we can all be proud of.”

Carbonleo is also encouraging Montrealers to send ideas on its feedback forum, which can be accessed at

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