The Quebec Liberals adopted a resolution at their recent general council meeting, calling for the Cavendish extension between Côte St. Luc and St. Laurent to be realized.

The resolution, introduced by the Nelligan riding association in the West Island, states that “the government recommends the [extension] to provide a north-south alternative to motorists from the West.”

D’Arcy McGee MNA David Birnbaum said the resolution passage is an “important step forward,” and pointed out that Nelligan is represented by Municipal Affairs and Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux, “who has a key role to play in orchestrating Quebec’s participation in the project.

“Cavendish is much more than a plan to reduce west-end traffic congestion,” Birnbaum stated. “With the future developments of Namur-De la Savane, including the Triangle, the Blue Bonnets site and potentially, the Quinze-40 shopping centre project, Cavendish represents perhaps the central economic hub of activity for all of Montreal over the next 20 years. I know that the residents of D’Arcy McGee have been waiting a long time on this file. My colleagues in our government, and at every level of government, are working to make sure we see action, and soon.”

The D’Arcy McGee riding association contributed an amendment to the Nelligan resolution, which states that the government should “recommend and participate, with the other levels of government, in the financing and execution of the opening of Cavendish Boulevard between St. Laurent and Côte St. Luc to provide a north-south alternative to motorists from the West.”

The Suburban contacted Birnbaum’s office, in light of this aspect of the resolution and Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather’s recent statement that Quebec must declare the Cavendish extension a priority to get federal funding as part of the new federal Liberal government’s infrastructure program.

D’Arcy McGee riding bureau chief Elisabeth Prass said the next step in the Cavendish process is currently in Montreal’s hands, and pointed out that the extension is a municipal issue, even with potential provincial and federal financial participation. Montreal has already earmarked $44 million for the project.

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I believe the road closure is for the greater good of motorists. The general public and most importantly motorist who ply that section of road all should help make the work smoother by cooperating with the authorities. I am happy site has mentioned this article. We should all learn to be responsible and help the authorities better serve us.

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