Mount Royal Conservative candidate hosts security roundtable

Mount Royal Conservative candidate David Tordjman

Mount Royal Conservative candidate David Tordjman recently hosted a public security roundtable that featured Pierre Paul-Hus, Official Opposition critic for Public Security, Border Security and Emergency Preparedness, and numerous other attendees.

Those attending included community, educational and municipal representatives, as well as public and private security experts. Topics included cyber security and online radicalization, as well as various protective measures sought by synagogues, schools, mosques and other institutions.

Paul-Hus told the gathering that a Conservative government will “continue to work with local communities and vulnerable stakeholders, just as it did by way of the Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) for vulnerable communities introduced by the federal government under Stephen Harper more than a decade ago.”

The MP for Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles explained that the SIP “supports the implementation of projects to help communities with a demonstrated history of being victimized by hate-motivated crime through enhancement of security infrastructure such as alarm systems, Closed Circuit Television Systems, window and door enhancements and more.”

Paul-Hus said the meeting with “key stakeholders from the Jewish and Mount Royal riding community “was very useful for me.

“A government’s top priority has to be the safety of its citizens,” he added. “Although there are some measures in place introduced and implemented by the previous Conservative government to increase safety for communities at risk, the timing may be right to review and tweak the program to assure its effectiveness. I will bring this feedback to our leader Andrew Scheer and we will work together to address these concerns.”

Tordjman, who is also a Côte St. Luc councillor, said the input provided by local experts and community stakeholders is a “crucial and invaluable tool for helping keep Canadians safe wherever they live, work, play and worship.

One security expert attending the meeting said crimes against communities used to take the form of throwing a rock through a window.

“Today, with the internet, there are a whole lot more tools available to them.”

One community representative suggested that the government help to defray “50 percent of the costs of security agents at various venues and instances, as well as better training and sensitization programs for municipal police forces across the country.”

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