Mikey Colangelo Lauzon

Since this is the first election in decades where sovereignty is not a main issue, what do you think should be the first priority of your government?

The first priority of a Conservative government will be the increasing of individual rights and freedoms as well as personal responsibilities. The implementation of a real capitalist economy based on free market and competitiveness.

Less nanny-state and intrusive governance from the state in our lives, in our houses and in our wallets.

As the question referred to, it’s time to showcase Quebec in Canada and around the world as a strong and united country. We want a more active participation in the Federation which will liberate economic and social forces. Our efforts will focus on the establishment of free trade within Canada. We will ensure such agreements benefit Quebec’s economy.

Your party’s platform promises millions in new spending and programs. What are you prepared to cut, or do you expect to raise taxes?

Our party platform IS NOT promising to spend millions on any programs but justice with our promise to implement a Quebec Charter of Victims’ Rights (which is in collaboration with Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu). In fact, with the Conservative reforms, we plan to lower taxes for all Quebec households without creating a deficit or increasing the debt by raising the personal exemption from $15,000 to $20,000. Plus, we want to join Ontario with the abolition of Quebec’s carbon tax and have a common front with the rest of the country against the Liberal government in Ottawa on that issue. As well, a Conservative government will remove the QST that is currently charged on the purchase of used goods. A Conservative government will abolish Revenue Quebec and transfer this responsibility to the federal public administration.

Would you support a new electoral map that makes the number of electors in each riding equal? If not, why?

NO, a Conservative government will adopt the federal electoral map for provincial elections as Ontario did, which will bring the number from 125 to 75 ridings. Taxpayers will be saving the expense associated with maintaining a separate electoral map in addition to saving the much larger sums required to fund the services of 47 members of the National Assembly and their staff, whose services will no longer be required.

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