Major work representing a massive investment by the City of Montreal and Côte des Neiges-NDG will be taking place this year and next as part of the process of developing the Triangle area, CDN-NDG Mayor Russell Copeman and Snowdon Councillor Marvin Rotrand announced.

The Triangle area is in the vicinity of Victoria, Jean Talon, Paré, Buchan, Place De La Savane and De La Savane. The work will include the completion of current projects, and work on new ones.

“This will completely transform the area formerly known as Namur-Jean Talon,” Rotrand told The Suburban. “It will now be a green, new, comfortable residential neighbourhood.”

He added that by the time the city’s and borough’s work have been completed, there will have been a total investment of nearly $60 million in the area.

The work in 2017 and 2018 includes:

• Beginning in June, a complete redesign of De La Savane — between Jean Talon and Place De La Savane until December and next year between Décarie and Place De La Savane.

“This is a new, a $10 million redesign that will see the street narrowed, the median will be removed, a bike lane will be added, a green walking lane will be added, the pavement will obviously be changed, and a new traffic light will be installed at Place De La Savane,” Rotrand explained.

• New greenspaces being added in the area, a $15 million investment.

“We have purchased the Volvo dealership at Buchan and Victoria, and that will be converted [starting this year] into a new Triangle Park, and we’re building a new chalet where there will be a municipal point of service,” Rotrand added. “Also, a new linear park running between the condos will be created to allow people to walk through the private condo areas right to the Namur Métro station.” The latter will commence in 2018.

Triangle Park will also include a dog park, water park, basketball court, and a community garden — the result of previous public consultations. A public meeting to explain all the changes was held in the borough Tuesday night.

“There will also be a major upgrade to De La Savane Park [starting this year]. The chalet will be enlarged and the park will be redesigned with new equipment.”

• Roadwork begins on Paré this month, on Buchan in May and on Victoria in September

Rotrand said there has been excellent cooperation from Montreal executive committee president Pierre Desrochers and Darlington councillor Lionel Perez, in charge of infrastructure downtown, in terms of ensuring the funding for the project.

The borough also announced that measures will be taken during the construction period to ease the movement of motorists, but also advised there will be some traffic difficulty in the coming months.

Rotrand was asked specifically about access to the cemetery on De La Savane during the redevelopment of that street.

“We’re conscious there will be some access problems to some sites,” he explained. “Part of the mitigation plan is to accommodate the businesses and institutions. There will be signs to indicate to motorists how to access various sites, including the cemetery. Our services are working on a mitigation plan to reduce the impact. Our goal is to reduce any inconveniences to a minimum.”

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