Liberals' Marc Miller handily takes new riding of Ville-Marie

As both a lawyer and a former serving officer in the Canadian Army, Liberal Marc Miller is now the man who will represent Montreal’s Ville-Marie riding. He is one of the new Prime Minister’s oldest friends and he handily defeated the NDP’s Allison Turner – another city lawyer with a stellar resume.

Miller told The Suburban that he continues to believe that a “pro-active” collaboration between all three levels of local government will do a lot to help develop local solutions in a riding that includes both the richest and poorest people in the city.

During another interview Miller described his riding as both part of the city’s essential core as well as a major player within Québec’s economic and social infrastructure.

“Ville-Marie is the center of town,” he said. “If you’re interested in making a difference, this is the part of the city where you can do it. There are no sleeper communities here. There are communities that are in dire need of someone that’s really implicated at the local level. We have some of the richest people in the country; we have some of the poorest people in the country.”

According to what other Liberals such as Marc Garneau and Adam Vaughan have already told The Suburban about possible solutions to help the urban poor and the nation’s enduring need for shelter, Ville Marie’s new MP will have lots of friends and lots to keep him busy when he takes his seat in the nation’s next parliament under the leadership of Prime Minister JustinTrudeau – his old high-school pal.

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