Liberal volunteer

Mount Royal Conservative candidate David Tordjman who alleges his campaign material was removed by Liberal volunteers in a CSL apartmeng building

A volunteer going door-to-door for Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather is alleged to have disposed of Conservative material during a Sept. 25 campaign visit to a Côte St. Luc apartment building..

According to the CBC, the alleged incident was seen by a Conservative volunteer, who was in the building at the same time. The witness told the network that the Liberal incumbent was in the building at the time the incident took place.In the meantime, Housefather's spokesperson Daniel Gans told the media that Housefather did nothing wrong and that the matter was addressed with a volunteer.

"Moving forward, and in order to prevent this kind of behaviour, Mr. Housefather will be taking steps to ensure all individuals participating in his campaign understand that this behaviour is not acceptable in any way," Gans added in his e-mail to the CBC, also writing that Housefather "condemns this kind of behaviour and values the right of all candidates to freely express their ideas and engage with voters."

When contacted by The Suburban Mr.Gans was unequivocal and went further in an email writing, "The video shared by the Conservatives  does not provide any evidence to back up their allegations. Anthony will continue to run a positive campaign focused on the priorities of his constituents."

According to the CBC, the Conservatives sent a letter of complaint to Elections Canada and a warning to Housefather himself. A video was also provided to the CBC purporting to show participants speaking about the alleged incident. The Suburban viewed it and, as the CBC also concurred, it is difficult to hear what is being said.

Conservative Mount Royal candidate David Tordjman condemned and demanded answers about the alleged incident. Tordjman said the Conservative volunteers distributed their material by placing pamphlets on door handles, and then returned — as part of a tactic called de-canvassing, and found that their brochures were all missing.

Tordjman contended that four floors also visited by Housefather and his team were "completely devoid of Conservative material" and instead had Liberal pamphlets. When the volunteers knocked at those doors, Tordjman added, no one answered.

“I hope that this is not true, but if what this looks like is the practice, then someone needs to answer to Elections Canada for this,” Tordjman stated.

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