The borough of LaSalle plans to present four projects to residents at a public consultation on Wednesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. The consultation will take place in borough hall, 55 Dupras.

The four projects involve making changes to multiple regulations to match the regional master plan.

The first project, LAS-0014, protects the views of Mount Royal from various buildings, the heritage and architectural value of various buildings in the borough and the requirements owners have to fulfill to modify or increase the size of a building or build a new building. It also changes the regulations related to flood zones and establishes two eco-territories, one that encompasses the St. Jacques Escarpment and another that includes the Lachine rapids.

Project 2098-LAS adds requirements to create vegetal coverage around public rail lines, to install mechanical and electrical equipment on the rear of properties, and to add greenery to the public faces of buildings.

Regulation 2098-LAS will modify three commercial zones to remove and add heavy and light industries from various neighbourhoods. The three zones affected include a very large zone east of Senkus between St. Patrick and Newman; a smaller zone on Newman between Bedard and Dollard, and another small zone north of Wanklyn and west of Quinlan.

The final project: 2100-LAS modifies regulations to impose architectural studies or modify the required space between waterways, roads and parks.

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