Call them wishes or call them resolutions but the following are a number of well-meant suggestions made by two hard-working reporters who make it their business to keep up with all of the ‘live and local’ news and issues that define municipal politics in our part of the city and its suburbs.

Borough Mayor Russell Copeman could adopt a softer tone during question period at assorted borough meetings as he should be reminded that rules that are not flexible ‘...are wont to be broken’. CDN-NDG Borough Mayor is doing a middling to good job of running a borough that just happens to be Québec’s sixth largest municipality. However, this is one municipal politician who might have a lot to say about what’s really going on downtown and it would be nice if he bothered to tell us all about it instead of just relying on the usual press conference platitudes to get the story out there. This is a man who has a lot to say and it would be nice if he sat down with an audience that’s more than ready to listen. C’mon Russell, let’s do coffee.

We wish Loyola Councillor Jeremy Searle a trap door for quick egress and subtle entries, to avoid his ‘Long Walks of Tardiness’ that have become a regular borough council feature. Furthermore, be it resolved that Councillor Searle understands that Nazi salutes at borough council meetings are utterly unacceptable however he may feel about any given issue at any given time during a council meeting.

Will Snowdon councillor and STM Vice-Chair Marvin Rotrand ever get around to finding any kind of legislation that he doesn’t like? He resolves to purchase a ‘motion per day’ desktop calendar with cute little inspirational messages designed to make us all feel as diverse and as multi-cultural as possible. He’ll also resolve to attend every monthly STM meeting via bus and metro and possibly make his way down the stairs of the Villa Maria metro station in order to get a taste of the ‘...en Français, s’il vous plaÎt’ surliness that’s common coin for all of the west-end Anglos who must use the transit system. Finally, will he ever understand that even if someone is feeding their kid a steady diet of Yoo-Hoos and Pepsi for lunch, it’s none of the councillor’s business?

While NDG Councillor Peter McQueen is to be commended for being one of the city’s more active councillors, he should also be reminded that politics are all about what’s happening on the street and not about what’s happening behind a closed door. His heroic efforts to help improve transit along the #105 bus line notwithstanding, McQueen should be reminded that he’s a local city councillor and not the honorary chairman of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. In other words, the councillor should resolve to never, ever bother legitimate businessmen who are just trying to flog a few beer and make a living within the borough’s already sorely-prescriptive city limits. We’ll wish for him an uninterrupted loop around the city accessible by bike, skis, snowshoes, horse and buggy and hand-car.

Aside from being reminded to answer his phone calls, Darlington Councillor Lionel Perez could face some serious opposition during the next municipal election if he doesn’t resolve to demonstrate to several ethnic and cultural communities within his district that everyone in the Darlington District is equal, and some are not ‘...far more equal than others’.

CDN Councillor Magda Popeanu should resolve to speak to citizens in either one of the official languages in which they addressed the council, and if that doesn’t work out, ‘...just take everyone out for mititei.

Wishing all happy and productive New Year…

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