Housefather announces funding for new Montreal Holocaust Museum project

The Memorial Room of the Montreal Holocaust Museum

The Montreal Holocaust Museum (MHM) will be receiving a grant of $257,645 from the federal government for its Beyond the Walls of the Montreal Holocaust Museum project, Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather announced last week.

The MHM is in Housefather’s riding.

“This project will focus on providing educators in various Canadian provinces with the tools to teach about the Holocaust, genocide and human rights,” says a federal government announcement. “Through this project, teachers and students will be better equipped to learn about contemporary issues related to human rights and diversity.”

Housefather and the MHM team thanked Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly and her department for the grant, which came from the ministry’s Multiculturalism Program.

“It was great to hear that the Montreal Holocaust Museum will be receiving this grant from the Government of Canada to help them move forward with this very important project,” Housefather stated. “I know this grant will help the museum in its mission to increase awareness and further educate the public about the genocide of the Jews, the Roma genocide, and other crimes perpetrated by the Nazis and their collaborators.”

Alice Herscovitch, the executive director of the MHM, stated that the InterAction project “provides an important opportunity for the museum to work with partners across the country, including provincial teachers’ associations, universities, Holocaust education centres, Jewish Federations and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Together, we will invest in the capacity of Canadians to learn from the past to inform the future.”

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