Hampstead urges residents — lock your car doors

Car thefts have gone up in Hampstead again.

Here we go again...

In 2016, we reported that in the town of Hampstead, Public Security gave out a whopping 57 tickets for unlocked car doors in one month. And considering that many residents have pricey cars, the statistic was astounding.

Even more astounding, the town had to remind residents to lock their car doors again in 2018, after a series of thefts in May and June of that year.

And now, Public Security is once again imploring residents to lock their car doors, also because of a recent increase in car theft.

"Public Security officers have intensified their efforts regarding unlocked car doors," a town advisory says. "This operation is to ensure the safety and security of our residents, and to sensitize drivers on the importance of locking their car doors to prevent theft, or worse — home break-ins."

Public Security is advising residents to:

• Close and lock all windows and doors when you park.

• Take your keys, don’t leave them in or on your vehicle.

• Take your garage door opener, don’t leave it in your vehicle.

• Never leave valuables in your vehicle, and especially in sight.

• Park in well-lit areas – in a garage, if possible.

• Activate the alarm system.

• If you have a camera surveillance system, point it to your front door and garage door.

The advisory also reminds that there are "two violations under the Highway Safety Code ...a ticket (plus fees) is issued for leaving your vehicle unattended, without removing the ignition key, or without having locked the doors."

To report anything suspicious, call Public Security at 514 369-8250 (24-hr dispatch).

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