Hampstead councillor, son to be honoured at Héma-Québec gala

Hampstead Councillor Michael Goldwax

Hampstead councillor Michael Goldwax and his son Brandon will be honourees at Héma-Québec’s foundation gala, being held March 25, the councillor announced at the town council meeting last week.

“They approached us six months ago to ask us to be honourees and talk about our story,” the councillor explained. “Our hard work is being recognized.... Brandon will be featured in ads, and various media announcing the gala.”

Goldwax originated the town’s annual blood drive because of the circumstances of his son’s birth 23 years ago.

“My son Brandon was born premature, weighing in at just over a pound,” the councillor has explained. “He needed blood transfusions and during that time, in 1996, there was the Hepatitis C scare, and I didn’t want anybody else’s blood used other than mine. Direct donations did not exist in Quebec and I worked within hours following his birth with the doctors and the Red Cross — Héma-Québec didn’t exist then — to allow direct donations.”

“I worked tirelessly with the Red Cross to allow for direct donations to be legalized in Quebec, so that I could ensure my son’s survival.”

Goldwax has also pointed out that he brought the idea of a Hampstead blood drive to Héma-Québec “so that we, as a community, can help save lives.”

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