Joseph Quinn at Manna Food bank

Students from Beurling Academy, the Circus School, CEGEP André-Laurendeau and Monseigneur-Richard Secondary School will be getting bursaries from the Grand Verdunois this month.

“These students work really hard, but their families don’t have a lot to cover all their activities,” said Joseph Quinn, one of the 37 Grand Verdunois who decided to provide the bursaries. “It’s nice to be able to make their lives a little easier so they can concentrate on their studies.”

Tennis star and Monseigneur-Richard student Justus-Alexandre Agbo will be getting $1,000 to help cover a tournament trip to Vancouver last month, where he garnered 5th place.

Alice Dudemaine, who is in her second year at André-Laurendeau, will be get $500 to help cover a food security internship in Nicaragua.

Secondary 4 student Grayson Tessier and a student from the Circus School will be getting $300 to help them pay school expenses from the past year.

The money comes from donations provided to the Grand Verdunois, a group of people who have been recognized for community contribution by the Verdun Economic Forum since 1993. Eight of the Grand Verdunois have died, but the 37 others meet regularly to discuss how to spur on other community leaders through volunteer work, mentorship or awards like those announced.

Jean-Guy Marceau and André Grenier will give Dudemaine her award sometime in the next few weeks.

Agbo gets his from Laurent Dugas, Jean-Guy Marceau and Huguette Lamarre this Friday during the “midi motivation” event in the Denis Savard pavilion.

Quinn will join Ann Guy and Walter Gregory at 6:30 p.m. on May 18th at Beurling Academy to give the award to Tessier.

The details about the Circus School award are still being worked out, but George Bossé will be among those who present it to the student.

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