Eighth annual Montreal Walks for Mental Health takes place Oct. 16

This year’s walk begins 11 a.m. at Phillips Square Oct. 16.

The eighth annual Montreal Walks for mental health event, with the theme “walking towards a world without stigma,” takes place beginning 11 a.m. Sunday Oct. 16 at Phillips Square, downtown at Ste. Catherine West and Union.

Registration for the four-kilometre walk begins at 10 a.m.

The event is organized by the Montreal Walks for Mental Health Foundation, whose mission is “to raise awareness about mental health and to overcome prejudice and discrimination against people living with mental illness and those who support them,” says the organization’s announcement.

“Even if we talk more about mental health in 2016, there is still a lot of work,” according to the Public Health of Canada Agency. “Without fear of judgment or discrimination, more people might be open to seeking care for their symptoms or speaking more openly about their emotions.”

Paul Aubin, president of Montreal Walks for Mental Health Foundation, states that: “Recovery is possible for everyone.”

Other organizations that help organize the annual event include Ami Québec; Foundation Health Centre and Cavendish Social Services; the Cummings Centre for Seniors; Jack.org Concordia; L’Abrie en Ville; Racor mental health; Revivre; Forward House; Suicide Action Montréal and Phobies-Zéro.

“The walk is an opportunity for our members and staff to walk united and feel that we are part of a bigger movement,” says Noga Yudelevich, program manager of the mental health program at the Cummings Centre for Seniors, “that by walking we help raise awareness against the stigma surrounding mental health, empower more people to come out and walk and in the process, help ourselves. “

As well, the Montréal Walk Foundation for Mental Health “annually grants surplus funds to financially support other non-profit organizations that provide mental health services in Montreal,” say organization officials.

The spokesperson of the event is singer-songwriter Jessica Vigneault, and the main sponsors are Bell Let’s Talk, Eska Water, Cinemas Guzzo, and Lundbeck Canada.

For more information, to register for the walk or donate, visit www.mtlwalks.com

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