CSL residents debate viability of local e-scooters

Lime’s e-scooters are in many cities around the world.

A debate ensued on the Facebook CSL Ideas page whether e-scooters should be introduced in the City of Côte St. Luc.

The discussion was prompted by media reports that Lime e-scooters, which are unlocked via a smartphone app for $1 and cost 30 cents a minute to rent, are launching on the streets of several Montreal boroughs and municipalities, including Ville-Marie, Côte des Neiges-NDG and Westmount.

I myself saw the scooters on the A1A beachside road in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and they were constantly in use.

The Facebook discussion was initiated by resident Jack Martin, who wondered if they could be an alternative to other vehicle-sharing services.

Resident Ron Basal supported the idea, writing that they are “all over Israel, and a great way of having fun and getting where you need to be.” Basal’s post tagged the members of Côte St. Luc council.

A poster named Da Bouz agreed. “I just came back from Zurich and this was a great mode of transport for short trips,” the poster wrote.

Councillor Oren Sebag posted that he likes the scooters as well. “I use Lime when in Europe and in Israel, but dedicated parking areas are a must,” Sebag wrote.

(In Fort Lauderdale, the scooters are left on the sidewalk, usually leaning on a post.)

“In Zurich they were all over the place, middle of the sidewalk, parks, literally just anywhere,” Da Bouz wrote.

“I see them being a hazard to pedestrians on sidewalks,” wrote Louise Ferland.

“I don’t see this as something that would work in Côte St. Luc,” wrote Yann Toledano. “Usage rates would be extremely low.”

Côte St. Luc’s official response was “The company has not approached Côte St. Luc to bring them here. The city would need to carefully review the issue.”

Martin, the original poster, replied to the city: “Maybe the city could review the issue and approach the company if we saw fit.”

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