CSL probing alleged incident at Aquatic and Community Centre

Lili Yesovitch addresses CSL council.

The City of Côte St. Luc looked into a recent incident allegedly involving an intense verbal confrontation at the city’s Aquatic and Community Centre. But the city and the aggrieved party disagree whether the situation has been resolved.

Resident Lili Yesovitch told the October CSL council meeting that she was standing between the ACC’s front doors, handing out event invitation information for those heading to a CSL Men’s Club meeting.

“I was aggressively approached by two club members, one of them yelling at me,” she said. “He harangued me by pointing his finger directly in my face, yelling and talking so close to my personal space that I could smell his breath and feel his spittle. They both left when they realized I would not be bullied into leaving. How is it possible that we have an enormous organization in our city, almost fully supported with our tax money, that is permitted to display this type of behaviour?”

She added that the incident was recorded by the ACC’s security cameras.

Brownstein responded that the staff is looking into the incident, and the issue for him is how an individual acted at the ACC, whether it’s a resident or club member, and if a follow-up required.

‘We don’t accept inappropriate behavior in our buildings by anyone, and if there was inappropriate behaviour towards you, it’s being investigated by the city manager, Councillor Oren Sebag and a follow-up will take place with respect to that individual. We know who it is.”

It has since surfaced that one of those involved in the verbal confrontation was CSL Men’s Club president Mannie Young.

Young, president of the Men’s Club, told The Suburban that he was not present for Yesovitch’s question at the Oct. 23 council meeting, having left after a memorial event for the late Councillor Ruth Kovac.

CSL City Manager Tanya Abramovitch told The Suburban Friday that the city’s position is that “the matter has been resolved.”

But Yesovitch disagrees.

“The situation is unlikely to be resolved as the city is going out of its way to ignore the reason and the context within which this transpired,” Yesovitch told The Suburban Monday. “Although I did receive what I felt was an insincere apology from Mannie Young, he refused to explain why he was motivated to try and interfere with me on that day.”

Yesovitch says the leadership of the Men’s Club “felt entitled in an inappropriate and unacceptable manner to interfere with my efforts to distribute event information to their members in a public place. This incident involved the context of the club specifically, not a random act of intimidation by an individual.”

Young responded to The Suburban Monday that his apology for raising his voice “was sincere.

“It was witnessed and approved favourably by [CSL Section manager] Ryan Nemeroff and Tanya Abramovitch,” Young added in an e-mail.

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