COVID self-isolation weekly wrap-up: What you need to know

Premier Legault ordered all non-essential businesses to close until April 13. Essential services including banks, insurance companies, grocery stores, pharmacies, media and construction as well as related suppliers of goods and services will remain open. He reiterated that the measures taken so far are working but that, “Quebec is on pause.” Legault also said he would keep in place the strict measures on visitors and caregivers to chronic care seniors in institutions. All four Quebec deaths have been in one seniors residence. As a further measure to discourage gatherings, all shopping malls and restaurant dining rooms were ordered closed as were hair salons and spas. The Premier said he did not want to close the SAQs down over fear of causing a panic. “We believe there would be more inconveniences to closing the SAQs down.”

• Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge said teachers will send homework to parents and the government will set up online educational resources for children. He added that they will find a way to make sure closures don’t affect graduations.

• On the question of increased police powers, Legault said that police can ban public gatherings and force people into isolation who have tested positive for COVID-19 when asked, but said the actions are rare. “I really don’t wish that we get there except in exceptional cases,” said Legault. “Right now we count on the good faith of the population.”

• Quebec announced that it is delaying tax filing deadlines to June 1st and tax payments to July 31st for individuals. Businesses will still have to file at their regular dates but can also take advantage of the July 31st payment date.

• In boroughs and towns in the city and West Island, the City Council of Côte Saint-Luc has declared a state of emergency last week because of an outbreak of 5 cases. It exercised its powers under the Civil Protection Act. It also closed all of its playgrounds and dog runs until further notice.

• Funeral services at Paperman & Sons will now only be at gravesides and attendance is restricted to immediate family members.

• The next Hampstead council meeting, scheduled for 8 p.m. April 6, will not take place at the Adessky Community Centre , but will be conducted amongst the council members via videoconferencing. The March 30 Montreal West council meeting will be held with no members of the public in attendance.

• Montreal West announced that it is also closing its playgrounds.

• Pointe Claire has instituted “Aid for Seniors” a daily telephone call service set up for Pointe-Claire seniors who receive home maintenance services as part of the program. The overnight parking ban in the city has been lifted except if there is a snow storm. And while the library is closed down for now, residents can borrow digital books, magazines, newspapers, movies and music online at”

• As a way to help any isolated senior citizens in the city limits, DDO is also using its “R U OK” program where seniors receive a phone call and help if needed by calling 514.684.6111.

• The city of Dorval has decided to keep many of its municipal buildings closed until at least Thursday, April 30. Furthermore, all events and activities organized by the municipality are cancelled until the same date.

• Please remember in case of an emergency related to Covid-19, call 1-877-644-4545.

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