Canada-wide Filipino Heritage Month lauded at CDN-NDG council

Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand

A motion was brought Monday night to Côte des Neiges-NDG council to congratulate Montreal’s Filipino community as the first Canada-wide Filipino Heritage Month began Saturday.

The resolution, introduced by Councillor Marvin Rotrand and seconded by Councillor Lionel Perez, points out that their borough “is the epicentre of the Filipino community in Quebec, being home to a significant population of persons tracing their origin and heritage to the Philippines while also hosting all the major institutions and organizations of the community.”

The resolution adds that the borough council adopted a motion in February 2018 to declare Filipino Heritage Month in Côte des Neiges-NDG in 2018 and thereafter.

“The Filipino community embraced the council’s motion and organized a Filipino Heritage Month Committee which successfully coordinated activities organized by various local Filipino social, recreational and cultural organizations and which drew thousands of participants to events celebrating Filipino Heritage Month in June 2018,” the resolution points out.

Later last year, the House of Commons unanimously adopted their own resolution declaring each June to be Filipino Heritage Month in Canada “so as to recognize and celebrate the many contributions of Filipino Canadians to the growth, prosperity and success of our country.”

“The Filipino Heritage Committee has indicated that the community will respond enthusiastically to the first ever Filipino Heritage Month in Canada and that the local program for June 2019 will invite the general population to come share in the pride that Filipinos feel in their Filipino and Canadian dimensions,” Rotrand’s resolution says. “The various Filipino community organizations in the borough will offer varied programs of cultural and social events in June 2019 showcasing the culture of Filipino Canadians and inviting the general population to attend.”

The resolution proposes that the borough council:

• “Congratulates the volunteers of the Filipino Heritage Committee for their devotion to assuring the success of the first Filipino Heritage Month in Canada.”

• “Wish the various local Filipino community organizations success in the activities they have planned as part of the celebrations of the first ever Filipino Heritage Month in Canada.”

• “Urge the general population to participate in Filipino Heritage Month in Canada as a means to better get to know their neighbours of Filipino origin and heritage.”

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