ST. LAURENT FINANCIAL REPORT: The annual borough financial report for 2017 was presented at the June St. Laurent council meeting. Highlighted were the opening of the St. Laurent Sports Complex, the inauguration of Place Rodolphe-Rousseau as part of Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations, the development of many parks and municipal buildings, and the fact that 123 new companies, several international, relocated to the borough. Mayor Alan DeSousa also mentioned the "simultaneous tabling of six sectorial plans, the development of the level crossing linking the Montpellier and Hodge-Place Benoit sectors, the launch of the biodiversity corridor competition and the acquisition of a vacant lot to meet the needs of local services for the eastern sector of Saint-Laurent."

ST. LAURENT URBAN PROMENADES: St. Laurent council, also at their June meeting, tabled a master plan to revitalize the Vieux St. Laurent area, around the area of Decarie Blvd, with urban promenades. The promenades will consist of a "network of green infrastructures combining biodiversity and urban life," says a borough announcement. Mayor Alan DeSousa said the promenades will "enable us to better share public space, increase biodiversity and encourage active mobility, while highlighting our magnificent cultural and historical heritage." Two parts of this plan have already been implemented —Place Rodolphe Rousseau and, for this summer, an area of Decelles.

HAMPSTEAD PUBLIC SECURITY REPORT: Councillor Harvey Shaffer, at the June town council meeting, reported that, according to the April 16-May 15 Public Security report: the department received increased amounts of calls about suspicious and abnormal activity, there are less garage doors being left open, there's better lighting in backyards, and there will be zero tolerance for pool-related infractions this summer. There were four crimes during this time period, including a break and enter on Stratford, and three thefts in vehicles on Harrow, Ferncroft and Heath.

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